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With the perpetual evolution of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can be a challenge to keep up with the trends that will draw traffic to your business’ site.

However, despite the constant changes to SEO, the importance of link building has never wavered.

Along with keyword optimization and high-quality content, link building remains a cornerstone of good SEO and effective content marketing.

When it comes to boosting your business site’s credibility and ranking on Google, relevant inbound links to your content remain important.

Keep reading to find out how link building works and how you can build backlinks for your business in 2021:

How Does Link Building Work?

Google is the name of the game when it comes to driving organic traffic to your business’ site.

Google determines the ranking of its search results based on a complex and ever-evolving algorithm.

However, their end goal is to provide relevant, informative and trustworthy results at the top of their list.

Backlinks are an important factor when it comes to how search engines rank content. They are a signal to Google that your content is a quality resource that people are willing to refer to.

So how do you attract backlinking to your site’s content?

The secret lies in creating trust with your audience and providing them with relevant and accurate information.

Here are some major tips you can use to market your site’s content and build relevant backlinks:

Tips for Content Marketing and Link Building

SEO & Link Building

1. Build Your Brand

When you build your business’ brand, you are establishing your business as the “go to” expert in your industry.

People are more likely to trust a business knowing who the people are behind it.

So when you convey your business’ message through a personal brand, readers are more likely to listen and trust what you have to say.

Here are some tips for building your business’ brand:

  • Develop an identity and voice for your brand.
  • Create a logo that represents your business and identity.
  • Speak to your audience instead of at them.

This sort of authority in your industry will attract others to link to your trusted information.

2. Create Long-Form and Informative Content

Creating longer content adds value to the topic and contains information that other people will want to link to.

When you post content that answers your audience’s questions, you establish yourself as a trusted resource

Instead of consistently writing long blog posts, you can create a “pillar post” that covers all aspects of a topic. This becomes a centralized resource that will set you up as an industry authority.

3. Use Guest Posts

When you find the time to write guest pieces for other sites in your industry, you create an opportunity not only to connect with a new audience but to also increase your link building for your business.

Most sites that accept guest posts will allow you to add at least one link back to your business’ content. 

Not only does this increase backlinking but also attracts new visitors to your business site.

To find sites that accept guest contributions, do a Google search of “your industry” plus “write for us”.

4. Interview Experts in Your Industry

A large part of content marketing and link building is building relationships and networking with other experts in your industry – specifically those who are likely to link back to your site’s content.

Not only is the opportunity there to create backlinks with these experts, but you will also be providing informative content that others will want to link to as well.

When conducting your interview, focus your questions on themes and topics that you know your target audience will be interested in to make the information relevant to them.

5. Check for Broken Links

A lesser-known tip for link building that doesn’t really have to do with content creation, but can prove to be useful in increase your business’ backlinks, is checking sites for dead links.

Checking for broken links involves finding web pages with dead links. You then contact the owner and offer to have the broken link replaced with a link to your site.

To employ this strategy, use this free tool to check for broken links on competing sites. 

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